Ideas For Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are popular home additions that add to the appeal and value of your property. Your kitchen can be simple or luxurious, depending on your budget and how you plan to use it. Here are some ideas for planning your outdoor kitchen.

Pick The Placement

A basic outdoor kitchen might work well by adding it to your existing patio so the kitchen is next to your house. However, a kitchen that's a distance away also works well, especially if your pool is not close to your house or your kitchen will be big and need a lot of room. When you design an outdoor kitchen from the slab up, you can create it exactly as you want with enough room for a cooking space and outdoor dining.

Choose The Appliances And Furnishings

When figuring out how large you need your kitchen to be, start by choosing the appliances and furnishings. You can then mark off space on the ground as you want them arranged and use their measurements to determine how much space you need. You want plenty of space around chairs and the cooking area too.

There are all kinds of appliances for an outdoor kitchen, even a built-in refrigerator. Your kitchen could have every convenience of your indoor kitchen. You'll also want a table and chairs. You may want a long table so you can seat guests as well as your family. You might want a bar with stools, a covered area so you can mount a television, and overhead lights. You may also want counter space, drawers, and shelves so you can store things and have plenty of room to work on the countertops.

Pick The Building Materials

You might want the outdoor kitchen to blend seamlessly with your home. You might want brick or stone for the foundation and islands. You can choose anything you like. You might want a tropical theme if the kitchen will be near your pool. You might want a concrete slab floor and stamp it with designs and colors. You may need to look over options with your builder so you know what's available and how to maintain a central decor theme.

Choose Accessories

You can use an outdoor kitchen for several months of the year with an outdoor heater. You might also want outdoor fans to stay cooler in the summer. You can add lights and other accessories as long as they are rated for outdoor use. Even appliances and accessories that will be under a cover should be rated for outdoor use for your safety.

Knowing everything you want in your kitchen, selecting it in advance, and knowing where it will go helps you understand what you can buy with your budget. Don't forget to factor in the cost of getting electricity and gas installed so your kitchen is fully functional.

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