Remodeling Your Bathroom So It Lasts

Remodeling a bathroom is no small task. Whether you do the work yourself or hire contractors, the costs add up quickly. As such, you really want the newly remodeled bathroom to last and stand the test of time. That means choosing timeless materials that won't soon go out of style, but it also means choosing really durable materials. Here are some more specific tips for a bathroom remodel that will last for years to come.

Avoid using wood.

Wood can look lovely in a bathroom, and there are types of wood that can tolerate being in such a moist space. However, wood is never going to last as long in a bathroom as non-porous materials like stone and ceramic. If you really want the look of wood in your bathroom, then look for composite or vinyl materials that are colored and textured to look like wood. Modern ones can be pretty convincing.

Go for a one-piece shower surround.

Tile looks great when it is new, but all it takes is for one piece of tile to fail, and before long, you have tile falling off the walls and grout crumbling. A one-piece shower surround won't have these issues and will therefore last longer, in general. If you love the look of tile, save it for the floors. They are exposed to a lot less moisture than shower walls, so tile floors can last for decades.

Choose high-quality fixtures.

When looking at shower heads and faucets for the sink, the range in prices might surprise you. It can be tempting to cut costs and buy cheaper ones, but if you instead splurge and buy the higher-end brands, they will typically last longer. Not only that, but if your fixtures don't leak, you'll see less water damage around your sink, counter, and shower walls. 

Have the plumbing redone.

It would be a shame to have the whole bathroom remodeled, only to have to tear out a wall to replace a pipe in a few years. So, make sure a plumber is involved in your remodel. Have them replace any pipes that are old or damaged. They can also tighten valves and run new lines if needed. If you start off with good, solid plumbing, your whole bathroom will last longer.

With these tips, you'll have an easier time designing a bathroom that lasts. Talk to your plumber and bathroom remodeling contractor to learn more. 

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