Countertop Overlays Might Be Right For Your Kitchen Remodel

For many homeowners, countertops are one of the most important elements in a kitchen remodel project. While many homeowners understand that they have different options for countertop materials, they are not as well-versed in the idea of overlays. Countertop overlays are essentially new countertops that go over your existing countertops. For some homeowners, overlays offer a wealth of benefits, but the opposite is true for some people.

Leaves More Room in the Budget

One great thing about countertop overlays is their cost. Not only are countertops an essential feature in the remodeling process, but they are also one of the more expensive purchases. First, new countertops require the removal of old countertops. Since overlays rest atop your existing countertops, you can avoid the extra demo costs. Second, overlay countertops are thinner than traditional countertops, so fewer materials often mean lower costs. 

Good Structure is a Must

Given that overlays rest on top of your existing countertops, your countertops must be in good condition. An overlay will only work when placed on a stable and secure surface. Countertops that are severely worn, warped, or experiencing any other issues with their integrity will generally result in a homeowner being unable to utilize this option. A remodeling professional can assess the condition of your countertops to help you determine if you are a candidate. 

A Faster Turnaround is Possible

As you might imagine, creating custom countertops can be a complex process. First, a stone that is thick enough and in good condition must be sourced. Next, the countertops must be custom-cut to fit the cabinets and then meticulously installed. Overlays are also cut to fit your design, but the process is not nearly as involved with new countertops. Additionally, the overlays are placed on top of the existing surface and securely adhered, which does not take as long as new countertop placement. 

Kitchen Function and Use Are Important

As previously mentioned, countertop overlays are not as thick as traditional countertops. As a result, homeowners need to assess their habits in the kitchen. Since the stone used for this application is thinner, it may be more prone to cracking. Homeowners who tend to place hot pans on their countertops or drop objects on them frequently are often at a greater risk of this problem. Therefore, traditional countertops might be a safer alternative. 

Again, countertop overlays have both good and bad features. Speak with a kitchen remodel service professional to learn whether this option is right for you. 

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