Drywall Repairs — Upgrades That Will Support Your Remodeling Project

A remodeling contractor will upgrade drywall in your home that has dings, holes, or cracks in its surface. Learn the steps that a contractor will take, plus be prepared to select paint and sealant products that will support the remodeling project. 

Minor Damage Repair Materials And Preliminary Steps

Spackle and patch kits are used to repair minor damage to drywall. When damage to drywall is minimal, it is more cost-effective to apply spackle or a compound to a blemished surface than to tear down and replace large sections of drywall.

Before a remodeling project commences, your remodeling contractor will locate the wall studs that are behind the drywall. The location of the studs is where electrical wiring is usually installed. The contractor will take note of the location of each stud. This will ensure that the repair processes do not interfere with electrical wiring.

Prepping And Repairing

Spackle is commonly used to fill in cracks, grooves, and small holes. Before the spackle is applied, your remodeling contractor will remove chipped parts of drywall from the wall that they are repairing. The contractor will clean in and around the damaged section. The spackle will be applied so that it is flush with the surface of the wall.

If a patch kit is going to be used to fill a small hole, the contractor will apply a mesh fabric panel over the hole. A compound will be applied over the mesh panel. The contractor will use leveling tools to smooth the surface of the patch. Once the spackle or patch has dried, the repaired drywall will be sanded.

Cosmetic Upgrades

If the drywall that was repaired is located in a room that is going to be fully remodeled, you may decide to change the paint color that is currently on the walls. Your contractor will advise you on various paint varieties that will support the upgrades that you are seeking.

If you choose a gloss paint product, be mindful that imperfections will show more visibly than if you were to choose to have a latex paint product applied to the walls. Your contractor will show you various paint color combinations that will coincide with the decor or furniture styles that will be featured in the room.

If you are going to have the walls painted the original color, your contractor will supply paint that is the same color shade as the original paint. Once the repaired drywall has been painted, a coat of sealant will be applied over each wall.

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