Remodeling Your Shower To Accommodate A Family Member's Physical Needs

Your shower may have worked great for your family for decades. However, something can change in your family that suddenly makes the shower a real problem area. Below, you can learn how a family member's physical changes can leave you with a shower that should be remodeled. Also, there is helpful information you can use when determining what changes and improvements should be made: 

Recognizing the need for a shower remodel

If someone in your family has had an accident that has left them with some mobility or balance concerns, then there can be quite a few areas around your home that you'll want to remodel. The shower is often one of the most critical areas of concern for a few reasons. For one thing, the shower's limited size can make it hard for someone to move around to find safe positions. Its size also prevents someone from being able to offer adequate assistance, as needed. Then, there is also the concern over the shower being such a wet and slippery area where it's easy for someone to slip. This will be even more of a concern when a family member already struggles with mobility and balance. 

Examples of ways a shower can be remodeled for safety and convenience

Put in a curbless shower

If someone in your household now needs to use a shower chair while they are taking a shower, then it may be a good idea to have a curbless shower installed. A curbless shower is one that a shower chair with wheels can safely wheel right into. Also, someone who has a hard time with mobility and balance won't have to worry about stepping over the edge of the shower or getting into a tub. 

Make the shower larger

If a shower area is very small, it can be difficult for someone to get help with their shower. This is because the limited space can prevent a second person from being able to move around as needed to help offer the appropriate level of support and assistance. 

Install grab bars

Grab bars should be installed in a shower if anyone in the household has balance issues or can experience weakness. The grab bars give them something stable to hold onto, which can help to prevent them from slipping and/or falling. 

Add a non-slip-resistant coating to the shower floor

The shower floor can get slippery, which can provide a safety concern for everyone. However, anyone who already struggles physically can slip easier. This is why it's a good idea to have a non-slip coating applied to the floor.

Contact a service to learn more about your options during shower remodeling.

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