3 Projects To Get The Most Out Of A Small Kitchen

Cooking and preparing meals in a small kitchen may feel limiting at times. For instance, the limited space might limit how many people can help with cooking. When you love your home and do not intend on moving, you can focus on getting the most out of your small kitchen.

A viable strategy is to get professional remodeling to work on projects that improve the kitchen without taking up much or any additional space.

Cabinet Expansion

Expanding the cabinetry is often something you can do in some way, shape, or form. An easy option is to add cabinets on top of existing ones when they do not reach the ceiling. Stretching to the ceiling with new cabinets will boost functionality and give you more storage capacity.

These cabinets may require you to use a step stool to access the items inside. So, you will find that these new cabinets are perfect for infrequently used items, such as holiday dinnerware.

Another solution is to expand cabinets along empty wall space. You can install floor-to-ceiling cabinets next to existing cabinets and countertops. This setup makes it easy to create a seamless addition, especially when you prioritize identical cabinet design, hardware, and colors. These projects do not require a ton of space and only utilize existing available space.


Adding and changing appliances is an excellent move to improve your small kitchen. For instance, you can replace a single oven with a double oven to enjoy greater cooking flexibility.

A dishwasher is also a smart addition that frees up space on the countertop and in the sink. You can put dirty dishes in the machine to keep your kitchen from looking cluttered. After running the dishwasher, you can keep clean dishes there until you are ready to put them away. All you must do is give up a bit of cabinet space to fit in this time-saving and space-saving appliance.


Replacing the sink is worth doing because you can often get more functionality. Ideally, you want a sink with multiple basins to give each one a dedicated purpose. A three-basin sink allows you to use one for washing, one for rinsing, and another for cooking. This specific setup will keep you from having to get food anywhere close to dirty or soapy dishes.

An extra-deep sink is also smart because you can put large pots and pans inside a basin and clean them without difficulty.

Invest in these remodeling projects to get the most out of a small kitchen. Reach out to a company like X W Kitchen & Bath for more information.

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