Vinyl Siding Alternatives With A Modern Appeal

Vinyl siding is often seen as the most modern of siding options. It is certainly a newer and more modern alternative to wood or brick. However, vinyl siding is not the only home siding option with a modern look. If you like a modern aesthetic but don't want to choose vinyl siding, here are some alternatives to consider.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is a type of composite that is often used to make siding. It consists mostly of wood pulp and a cement matrix, often with some other coloring ingredients and stabilizers mixed in. Fiber cement siding is often made to look like wood. However, it has a more polished appearance since the color extends all of the way through it. Fiber cement siding doesn't get that chipped, damaged, worn look. It comes in all sorts of different thicknesses, so you can go with thicker boards or thinner boards, depending on the look you desire.

Fiber cement also won't get brittle over time like vinyl can when exposed to sunlight or changes in temperature.

Faux Stone

Faux stone used to be seen as a cheap, poor imitation of real stone. But this really is not the case anymore. Faux stone materials have come a long, long way in recent years. They look a lot more like real stone, even from close-up. This gives them a natural appeal, which fits today's modern aesthetic. Faux stone won't crumble or require re-mortaring like real stone eventually does. People who think vinyl looks too sleek and polished often like the look of faux stone. Some faux stone materials clip together for easy application, which means your siding can be installed quite quickly.


Stucco has been used for years in certain climates, such as coastal climates. But more recently, it has gained popularity in other areas. Made from concrete, stucco is a very strong siding material that is basically troweled onto the exterior of your home and then smoothed out. Stucco's look is modern and sleek, but simple. This material is really strong and holds up in brutal windstorms that might peel vinyl or another siding right off of a home. Although a lot of stucco is a natural, grayish color, you can have it finished in basically any color you choose. 

If you love a modern-looking home but are not a fan of vinyl, don't dismay. There are other home vinyl siding alternatives to consider, the prime ones being those listed above.

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