Kitchen Remodeling Tips For Shorter Homeowners

Remodeling your kitchen gives you a chance to ensure your new kitchen appliances and layout are perfectly suited to your needs. If you're someone who is shorter than average, you may have spent your whole life reaching up and standing on stools. This is your chance to change that! Here are some tips you can follow to remodel your kitchen in a way that's more suitable for your short stature.

Have shorter cabinets custom-made

Cabinets at the store come in a standard height. So, if you buy these standard cabinets and have counters installed on top of them, you will probably struggle to reach the counters. Instead, work with a custom cabinet shop. They can make cabinets that are shorter than average, which means the counters in your kitchen will be lower. You'll enjoy being able to reach the back of the counter without standing on anything.

Opt for drop-down shelves on the top

To make the top shelves of your cabinet easier to reach, consider installing drop-down shelves in these areas. These are shelves that pull out and then lower down, enabling you to easily access their contents. You simply push on the shelf to send it back up into the cabinet. Your top shelves won't be wasted anymore with this feature. 

Bring the faucets forward

If you often struggle to reach the kitchen faucet, have your kitchen remodeler design your sink with the faucets brought further forward than usual. Even bringing them an extra couple of inches forward will ensure you don't have to lean over the counter as much to reach them. If you're worried this design will leave your sink too small, you can simply opt for a wider sink. The width will make up for the decreased depth.

Choose shorter chairs and stools

If you have a kitchen island, pay close attention to the height of the chairs or stools you coordinate with it. You want to choose shorter chairs or stools so you can get in and out of them more easily without having to jump or worry about sliding off the side. 

If you're tired of feeling like a small person in a tall person's world, maybe it is time to remodel your kitchen with your height taken into account. The kitchen should be a functional space where you enjoy cooking and eating, and designing it with your height in mind can help keep it that way. Talk to a remodeling contractor about your kitchen cabinetry to get started. 

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