Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About Home Walk-In Bathtubs

Did you know that 79% of bathroom injuries among senior people are caused by bathroom slips? The bathroom can be hazardous, especially with a senior or disabled person in your home. Luckily, there are better options to minimize bathroom dangers. Here are answers to common questions about home walk-in bathtubs.

Should You Get a Residential Walk-in Bathtub?

Are you unsure of whether to get a walk-in tub? A home walk-in bathtub is a valuable addition to your home. Besides making your bath time more fun, they increase the resale value of your home. A residential walk-in bathtub offers comfort features like a fast drain and an extra-wide seat with ample space.

Additionally, they are a safer option compared to a traditional shower as there is less chance of slipping in the shower and falling on the hard bathroom floor. Residential walk-in bathtubs and hydrotherapy also go hand in hand. Taking a bath is among the most natural therapy options that can soothe muscles. Therefore, a home walk-in bathtub is a great addition that every homeowner can benefit from.

Does Your Bathroom Have Enough Space to Fit a Bathtub?

Most residential walk-in bathtubs are designed to fit even in the most compact places. Even if you don't have a square shower space or rectangular tub, you could angle the tub placement to help it fit in the space better.

However, to be sure, you can contact remodeling contractors and schedule a consultation before purchasing a bathtub. They can visit your home, take measurements of your bathroom and recommend the right dimensions for a bathtub for you. The contractors can also recommend top bathtub brands.

How Expensive Is It to Install Residential Walk-in Bathtubs?

You can spend between $2000 and $10,000 on bathtub installation, depending on the type of tub and its size. The installation cost will also depend on different factors like the tub features you would like and the customization options you prefer. 

Since you can customize residential walk-in bathtubs depending on your budget, they are an affordable option. Besides, some sellers offer attractive financing plans, and some homeowners find that their health insurance lowers the total cost. For example, Medicaid might help cover the installation cost of walk-in tubs for seniors. 

Are You Ready for Safer Baths?

Building elegant and safe bathrooms is essential to fully enjoy the numerous advantages a walk-in bathtub offers. Call an expert today to schedule bathtub installation, replacements, and other bathroom remodeling services.

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