5 Less Obvious Signs You Should Renovate Your Bathroom

Some renovations are obviously necessary, such as when a room suffers damage. Other times, it can be difficult to know when to pull the trigger on a remodel. Consider your bathroom. Many spaces languish for years without a renovation or update. But what less obvious indicators might tell you that it's time to remodel yours? Here are a few to look for.

1. There's an Odor. Smells get into the walls, flooring, and materials over time. In a bathroom, unwanted odors like mildew or mustiness make the space unwelcoming. You may spend more and more time trying to isolate and cover up odors in the room after many years when what it really needs is to be taken apart and refreshed with new materials. 

2. There's Poor Lighting. Does the bathroom seem dark or claustrophobic because it lacks a decent — or any — window? Was the lighting plan designed for a different configuration or different uses in past years? Do you lack lighting where you actually work? Fixing the lighting and related issues can make your bathroom seem new. It makes the room more functional and enjoyable. 

3. There's No Logic. Is the layout counterintuitive and confusing? Is the toilet in the wrong place or the bathtub pressed up against the back of the door? Does it include a toilet room with a door you never close? Do you bang your knees on columns or knee walls? If the space feels wrong and you get annoyed using it, it's time to fix the problem at its root. 

4. There Are Unused Fixtures. A family's needs change over the years, and some fixtures may end up going unused. That big soaking tub, for instance, may have been nice when you were young and single, but perhaps you haven't used it since becoming a parent. In this case, you can recoup that wasted space with a renovation. Similarly, you might have wasted space in a large vanity, a second sink, or extra built-ins. 

5. There's No Joy. Don't underestimate the value of your own feelings about the room. Do you hate the décor? Have your kids outgrown the bubblegum pink accessories? Is it just outdated, and you don't like to show it to visitors? If so, regain your joy for this space in your home by bringing it up to date and in line with who you are now. 

Want to know more about renovating your bathroom? No matter what your concerns are about it, you can find solutions that will make it more enjoyable and more attractive. Meet with a bathroom remodeling contractor in your area today to get started.

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