Use Animal Print Carpet In These Parts Of Your Home

When you browse the selection of carpet samples at your local store, you may not find anything that offers more of a vibrant look than animal print carpet. While animal print area rugs are popular, so too is carpet with this type of design. Animal print carpet might not be for everyone, but if you find the look appealing, it's time to begin to think about where you'll use it in your home. This isn't the type of carpet that you'd likely use to carpet most of the rooms throughout your residence, but it can certainly work well in small applications. Here are some places to think about using animal print carpeting.

Sewing Room

If you're an avid sewing enthusiast, you might have a room in your home that you've set up for this pastime. Many people take different steps to give their sewing rooms a vibrant look. For example, you might have painted the walls in a bright color, rather than used a muted hue similar to the other rooms in your home. This is a room in which an animal print carpet can be a fun addition. Look for a design that matches or complements the other colors that are present in the room so that you don't have to repaint the walls.

Master Bedroom

Animal print carpet can also work well in a master bedroom if this type of carpet is in alignment with your design sense. If you feel that this carpet would be a little too lively for a main room in your home such as your living room, you might favor it in your master bedroom because this room is more of a private space. It can be fun to decorate your master bedroom in a lively style, perhaps using bold draperies and unique wall art in conjunction with your animal print carpet.

Laundry Room

While carpet in the laundry room may not be as popular as other flooring types, it's still an option that many homeowners favor. A lot of people put effort into making their laundry rooms look stylish. If you have a large family, and you spend a lot of time doing laundry, it's nice if walking into this room can cheer you up because of its vibrant look. Consider animal print carpet for the laundry room in a shade that complements the laundry machines and other elements in the space. Browse different animal print designs at a local carpet store.

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