Did Stay-At-Home Orders Change The Way You Viewed Your Home? What To Know About Pantry Construction

With vaccines now available and normal life resuming, most Americans are eager to leave the house and return to workplaces and social gatherings. But the mandatory stay-at-home orders associated with the pandemic may have had an unexpected positive effect by forcing families to pay more attention to their homes and how they could be improved to add comfort and efficiency. 

For some of these families, a return to normal life may also mean finding ways to prevent some of the discomfort faced during the pandemic. Keep reading to find out why you could benefit from more storage for food and basic needs as well as some tips for the construction of this storage.

The need for more storage

In addition to health-related concerns, many families found it difficult to obtain a constant supply of the basic items routinely used by their family during the worst of the pandemic months. Mandatory shutdowns caused supply chain interruptions for basic groceries at the same time that most families needed to make more purchases due to cooking and eating more meals at home. 

In generations past, this type of problem would have been less severe because most families had ample food storage areas inside their homes and worked hard to keep them filled and rotated. Since many modern home designs often eliminate or minimize storage areas in order to make room sizes larger, homeowners may need to get creative to find space for constructing pantries and storage areas in their existing homes. 

The makings of good storage

While most paper products, toiletries, and cleaning supplies can be stored quite easily, staple food items and pet supplies are subject to concerns about temperature, humidity, and threats from pests like rodents, roaches, and beetles. Homeowners who want to have a proper pantry space constructed in their home will want to include design features such as: 

  • insulation to help moderate temperatures
  • ventilation to prevent humidity issues
  • secure storage options to protect against pests

Potential spaces for construction of storage for food and basic needs can be as simple as repurposing an existing closet space but a better plan is to use a section of an existing garage, attic, basement, or enclosed porch. Depending on the size of your family and the level of storage you wish to achieve, most of these spaces can be easily renovated to fulfill storage needs without impacting the use of living areas inside the home.

As with any home construction project, building a storage area for food and basic needs will require plans, permits, and inspections. A trusted home remodeling contractor will be able to meet these requirements and help homeowners design a custom storage project capable of protecting their family against future uncertainties. 

For more information, contact a contractor that provides custom home construction.

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