Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Beat the Winter Chill

When you live in an area that gets particularly cold during the winter, you want to add heat in as many areas as you can. In your bathroom, this is particularly important. After all, the last thing you want to do is get out of a warm shower and feel a cold bathroom around you. If you've decided to tackle a bathroom remodel, here are some features that will help take the chill out of your bathroom.

Upgrade the Showerhead

When you're looking to keep things warmer in your bathroom, start with the shower itself. The best way to do that is by upgrading your showerhead. Installing a new showerhead can improve water flow because it eliminates clogged shower jets that can occur over time. In addition, if you opt for a rainfall-style unit, you'll be surrounded by warm water the whole time you're in the shower. This can help your shower feel warmer while you're in there.

Keep Your Towels Warm

The sudden shock of a cold towel on your warm skin can ruin that warm glow you feel after a hot shower. You can easily combat this by keeping your towels warm when you're in the shower. Heated towel bars are fairly easy to install, especially if you work with an electrician for your remodel. They can run the wiring and mount the rod so that it's accessible from the shower. Heated towel rods have a switch so you can control when the bar is warm and when it isn't. This protects you from wasting energy on heating the towel bar when it isn't needed. 

Upgrade Your Lighting

A great feature for your bathroom remodel is to add warming bulbs as your lighting source. These bulbs emit heat, which will help to keep the air in the room warmer. This, paired with the heat from the shower, can ensure that your bathroom is comfortable and warm when you need it.

Install Heated Flooring

Since heat rises, any heat that reaches your room from the mid-point of the bathroom walls up isn't going to be really efficient for making the whole room feel warmer. You're still going to feel that draft of cool air down near the floor. 

Combat this by installing heated flooring in your bathroom. That way, the heat radiates up from the floor to create a warm environment across the entire space of the room.

A company experienced in bathroom remodeling services should be able to help.

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