Bought A Fixer Upper? 3 Benefits Of Updating The Roof

Whether you bought to fix up and live in or you are hoping to flip it and earn a big profit, flipping a fixer upper can be a great investment for your family and your finances. In some instances, the fixer upper may require extensive repairs while other properties you hope to flip only require cosmetic updates. Thankfully, replacing or updating the roof of the fixer upper is key to improving the safety, look, and value of the home. If you have bought a fixer upper, here are a few benefits of replacing the roof.

Health and Safety

Even if the roof appears to be in good condition, it should be inspected fully for signs of distress.

A small amount of moisture can lead to big problems, so replacing the roof is essential if you notice wet spots, hollowed wood, warped shingles, or actual rotting.

These signs of water damage may indicate the roof is starting to deteriorate, which can weaken the support of your roof/home, leading to dangerous accidents. In addition, water damage, even in small amounts, increases the risk of mold growth, which is very hazardous to you or the buyer's health.

Curb Appeal

If the roof is outdated, damaged, discolored, or visibly in dire need of repair, the appearance of the home will suffer. The overall look of the home's exterior may not seem like a big issue, but it will make your home less appealing when trying to sell it.

Making repairs and replacing your shingles on the roof improves the health and safety of the home, but it will also enhance its curb appeal. Because of this, improving the underlying durability and actual exterior appearance of the roof will is a great step in the process of fixing up the house.


Unless you are buying low in hopes of earning a profit, nobody wants to spend money on a new roof. Again, replacing the roof will make the home safer while improving curb appeal, but these benefits will also increase the total value of the home.

If you want your fixer upper to be a valuable investment or you want to maximize the profit you receive after selling the fixer upper, consider replacing the roof.

A new roof is a big expense, but it can be a valuable part of the fixer upper process. With improved health and safety, enhanced curb appeal, and more value, the benefits should be easy to see. Contact a company, like Altex Remodeling and Roofing, for more help.

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