The Perks Of Paint Grade Cabinets

Are you finally ready to fix your old cabinets? Are you sick of your outdated, difficult to use, and ugly old cabinets? If you are going to install a new cabinet system in your home, you have a lot of important details to consider. Before you move forward with the design, you should think about the wood. That is, the type of wood that you use on your cabinets is going to have a big impact on many things. Your wood type can change the maintenance, look, feel, weight, and longevity of your cabinets. So, choosing the right wood product is a major decision.

Paint Grade Wood

Paint grade wood can refer to pretty much any species of wood. Some of the most popular paint grade wood use in residential cabinetry are pine, alder, cherry, maple, and mahogany. These are all great wood that have their own unique marbling, tones, and grain patterns. They are all paint grade if you buy a solid product. This means that the wood can be painted or stained however you like. Even more important is the fact that the finish you apply can be changed repeatedly over the years.

Laminated and Veneer Products

But, not all cabinet systems made out of these woods are paint grade. There are also laminated and veneer products. Laminated and veneer woods are made out of cheaper composite woods that are capped with a veneer finish of the stylish wood. Laminates are printed finishes that are not made out of wood. They just have a wood print on a vinyl layer. Veneer products are made with an actual thin layer of wood that is glued to the composite core.

This means that they look almost exactly the same as a solid, paint grade product. An expert might be able to tell the difference. The biggest difference is that, since you cannot refinish the veneer, you don't have the joy of changing the color. Of course, since veneer products are built mostly out of cheap composite wood, they are a fraction of the price. Homeowners need to first decide if they can afford the price of a paint grade product. Having paint grade cabinets is always going to be the first choice of homeowners who love a good DIY project. But, if you can't afford the price of a paint grade product, or if you don't want to ever change you cabinet finish, veneer products are a good option.  

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