Interested In Bathroom Changes? Make Improvements That Will Benefit Everyone

Changing the master bath is something that you should do with you and your spouse in mind. But, for the family bathroom which is occupied the most, it is better to take your family into consideration. A full bathroom with a bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink can only receive so many changes or improvements, so you will need to think creatively and analyze your situation to end up with a great remodeling plan.

Tile Flooring to Enjoy Easy Upkeep

It is not uncommon to find bathrooms with hardwood or laminate flooring. These options are okay, but they do have some downsides in that they are both at risk of moisture damage. This constant risk means that you need everyone to be extra careful in the bathroom, which may not be easy with kids. So, you can make the switch to tile flooring that will provide you with the moisture protection that you need. It will make you feel less stressed about potential water accidents and help you with easier upkeep.

Wide Sink for Dog Bathing

If you have a small dog, you may be used to taking them to a dog washing business or bringing them out in the backyard to wash them with the hose. Neither option is ideal, but you can fix this when you have a small dog by replacing your current sink with a wide sink that you can fit your dog inside. This way, you can give them a bath while standing so that you can avoid situating yourself in awkward angles. It is important to get a sink that will not get scratched by your dog's claws when they are getting a bath.

Soaking Tub Over Jetted Tub

Both a soaking tub and jetted tub will provide your family with enjoyable baths. But, you may want to prioritize the soaking tub over the jetted tub because of the reduced maintenance. A soaking tub is just large and deep so that you are able to submerge yourself and relax in water that stays warm for a long time. While a jetted tub provides you with constant water flow and temperature control, the water lines inside the tub are more prone to issues and require more frequent cleaning. With your family using it regularly, you will appreciate not having to spend so much time and money on the tub.

Making these improvements to the main bathroom will benefit everyone in your family. Contact local bathroom remodeling services for more information and assistance. 

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