Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Before You Put Your House On The Market

If you're planning on selling your home in the near future, then one area of your home that you might want to make improvements to is the kitchen. An outdated kitchen will stand out when it comes time to show your home. And excessive wear and tear on the countertops, floor, and cabinets, can make it look beaten up and old. This is not what you want prospective buyers to see. So here's what to do.

Replace The Laminate Countertop With Stone or Wood

The first major issue that you might want to address is your old laminate countertop. While these were in fashion for a while, and it might have served you perfectly fine for many years, you really should consider replacing it with stone or wood. The laminate will probably have scratches, and it's also likely to have stains. Not only that, but there might be wear patterns from areas that required excessive cleaning over the years. Someone buying a new home won't want to deal with that. They will see it as an eyesore, and get turned off. So, bring in a contractor and have them remove the old laminate countertop and swap in a stone or wooden one.

Tear Up The Linoleum Floor And Lay Tile

Another thing that needs to go are those old linoleum floors. They are no good for the same reason laminate countertops are no good. People buying a new home will be turned off by old vinyl. Linoleum floors age quickly, and after many years washing the floor, there are probably little chips and tears that you've grown accustomed to. However, the people touring the home looking to buy the house will definitely see it and they will get turned off. So, have that linoleum flooring ripped up and have tile laid down. You can choose ceramic tile, or something more textured such as terracotta, if your home has a southwestern feel.

Install New Wood Cabinets

Since you're renovating the floor and countertops, it's a good idea to also fix up the old cabinets. Peeling paint, chipped hinges, and faded wood is not what people want to see. They will walk over and open and shut the cabinets to see how well made they are. If the cabinets don't swing freely and are not smooth, they will get a sense that the house as a whole is old. So, it's worth your time to bring in remodeling contractors and have them install brand new cabinets from a place like Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc. You can have the cabinets designed to match the new countertop and floor tile so that the whole room is tied together.  

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