5 Ways To Update Your Small Bathroom

Renovating a small bathroom is different than updating a larger bathroom. In addition to worrying about staying on budget, you have to worry about making the most of a small space. Fortunately for you, there are many changes that you can make in your small bathroom to achieve the look you want.  

Upgrade to a Corner Sink

Since your space is limited, you have to find sneaky ways to maximize what you have. One way to do this is to swap out your current sink for a corner sink. The corner sink will help to free up some space in the center of the bathroom and also avoids a situation in which you have to walk around the sink to reach the toilet or shower.  

Downsize Your Bathtub

It might be tempting to opt for a larger bathtub, but with the space limitations, a smaller tub could be better. A lower-walled bathtub would free up additional space in your bathroom. It will also give your bathroom a more modern look that appears to be expensive without actually breaking your budget. If you are concerned with missing out on a pleasing soaking experience, opt for a flat bottom tub. You can still soak and save on space.  

Install Open Shelving

Instead of trying to cram more cabinets into your bathroom space, try open shelving instead. Open shelving gives you more options for storage and it gives the illusion that there is more space in the bathroom than there is. You will also find that with vertical shelving, you can create more storage space than if you were using cabinets.  

Opt for a Larger Mirror

If more than one person uses the bathroom at once, waiting to use the mirror can be annoying. With a larger mirror that stretches across the wall in place, both people can use the mirror at the same time. There is an added benefit to using a larger mirror, too. The mirror will help be an illusion of a larger space.  

Switch to a Barn Door

Instead of a more traditional door, think outside of the box. A barn door is a great way to get a more modern look in your bathroom and add a few inches of space. In addition to this benefit, the barn door will add warmth to the space.  

There are many other changes you can make to your bathroom to maximize the space and get the updates you want. Consult with a company like JC James Remodeling to learn more. 

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