Four Ways You Can Customize Cabinets To Meet Your Needs

If the time has come to replace your kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider having cabinets custom-made through a place like Encore Cabinets & Design rather than purchasing pre-made ones. With custom cabinets, you can alter everything from the dimensions to the hardware to better suit your needs, resulting in a seamless kitchen experience and a more attractive look. Here's a look at four key ways you can customize your kitchen cabinets.

Alter the depth.

Do you hate reaching into deep cabinets to pull items out from the back? Maybe the opposite is true -- you have large items you've always struggled to find storage for because your cabinets are not deep enough. In either case, you can take care of the issue by customizing the depth of your kitchen cabinets. Since it can be hard to judge depth, ask your cabinet designer to show you examples of cabinets in various depths before you settle on the perfect depth for your own.

Add pull-out cabinets.

Certain things are just hard to access in a standard cabinet no matter how you arrange them. This rings true for mugs, spices, and other small items. Including a pull-out cabinet in your design will take care of the issue. This is a cabinet that essentially rolls out from under your counter top. When rolled out, it consists of a series of shelves, which you can access from both sides. Use this to store your spices, mugs, or other small items, and you won't find yourself getting as frustrated -- or knocking as many things over.

Glass doors.

There are probably some things you'd rather hide in your cabinets. There are others, like perhaps your fine china set or tea pot, that you want to see and enjoy. Glass cabinet doors allow you to look through the door and see the contents. When you have your cabinets custom made, you can choose glass only for specific cabinets -- the ones you want to put your display items in. You can have the rest of the solid doors coordinate with the glass.

Specialized hardware.

Do you want round knobs on the drawers but long pulls on the cabinets? Maybe you want big hinges on the top cabinets but small ones on the bottom. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to hardware, your cabinet designer should be able to accommodate them. When you buy pre-made cabinets, you often only have a few hardware choices -- and you have to pick the same hardware all-around.

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